Sunil Uniyal and Ranu Uniyal: In Conversation with Charanjeet Kaur

professor-ranu-uniyal-and sunil-uniyal

Sunil Uniyal and Ranu Uniyal. Image credit- Ranu Uniyal.

Creation, Transcreation and Poetry

In a departure from our regular practice, we decided to have a ‘portmanteau’ In Conversation this time: the brother-sister duo Sunil Uniyal and Ranu Uniyal from Lucknow. Sunil, a senior retired Government official, is primarily a translator and poet with two published works to his credit – The Target is behind the Sky – Fifty Poems of Kabir and Tears of Blood – Selected Verses of Ghalib; and Ranu, a University Professor and a poet, whose work has been translated into several languages. Her two volumes of poetry – Across the Divide and December Poems offer a whole gamut of experience in poems that are thoughtful and meditative. The third publications of both Sunil and Ranu are due shortly and we look forward to them. In this unusual Conversation, both speak about their artistic pursuits, their love for poetry and the place poetry has in their lives.

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