Reading Gandhi

Perspectives In The 21st Century

Reading Gandhi: Perespectives  in the  21st century as the acknowledgement  page states is an outcome of a one- day conference  held in the department of English at Lucknow  University in 2019. 

Mahatma Gandhi

Essays On Life And Literature

This book explores the relevance of M.K. Gandhi in the present times. Justice, human rights, conflict, and peace building, along with his alternative method of non-violent resistance or Satyagraha are focal to it.The essays in this volume focus on his inner strength, brotherhood, and self-discipline. 


El Dia Que Fuimos A Coger Fresas En Scarborough

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El día que fuimos a recoger fresas en Scarborough incluye sesenta poemas que muestran una visión caleidoscópica de la existencia, con sus luces y sus sombras. Dotada de una voz poética de destacable fuerza y originalidad .

Margaret Drabble And Anita Desai

Women &  Landscape

This book argues that landscape is a meaningful construct in the writings of Anita Desai and Margaret Drabble. The study traces the evolving relationship between the subjective and the objective worlds inhabited by women.


Saeeda Ke Ghar

Devrani  Jethani  Ki Kahani Or A Story Of Two Sister-In-Law

Devrani Jethani Ki Kahani, First published in 1870, is  often hailed as the first novel of Hindi, and this critical edition, with the first-ever translation into English as A Story Of Two Sisters-In -Law.

December Poems

 By Ranu Uniyal

“December Poems” is the second anthological tour the force of Ranu Uniyal, one of the strongest women poetic voices of contemporary writings in Indian English.


Women In Indian Writing

From Difference To Diversity

Many may feel that there is a kind of commonality of experience and expression in women’s writing, but the dimensions and diversities shown by Ranu Uniyal in her work entitled “Women in Indian writing” defy that.

Raja Rao's Kanthapura

A Critical Study

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The Day We Went Strawberry Picking in Scarborough

By Ranu Uniyal

 The Day We Went Strawberry Picking in Scarborough by Ranu Uniyal essentially poeticizes a modern woman’s journey from innocence to experience. 

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